Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Marni has chosen Ash Stymest as the front man for their Fall 2010 lookbook. The collection is pretty typical of the brand. I like the thick soled shoes, and the navy and maroon look really great together. The first two are my favorites; the cut of the jacket is cool and the sweater is to die for. But I must say, I'm really not a fan of the whole leggings, slim cut pants trend (almost all the time, other than in jeans of course)

Nicholas Petrou

To be honest I'd never heard of Petrou until today! Another graduate of Central Saint Martins (1993), Petrou recently released an independent line, PETROU/MAN.
(Images stolen from PETROU/MAN website)
 And some of his older work:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It's starting to look like summer. Things are finally freeing up too. AP tests are almost over! I can actually start taking real pictures (and of course posting daily). Friday night, Kendall and I were walking to the artwalk and the sky was absolutely stunning. Took a few snaps on her camera, but nothing too serious. She is so gorgeous, so it works.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Is it bad that I try and follow the boyfriend jeans trend by wearing my dad's jeans?

Ill start posting regularly in.... 15 days! ah so soon >.<

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stolen Girlfriends Club mens lookbook s/s10

Stolen Girlfriends Club is a designer from New Zealand. The line has a strong military and South Western aesthetic. Their lookbook reminds me of western movies, the civil war, and Native Americans? I like their shirts a ton, and the skinny jeans/oversized jacket mix is definitely down my alley. Not gonna lie though, some of their designs (not pictured here) seem really simply and slightly bumish? I mean I get the look they are going for, but some of the clothes look like they'd be featured on People of Walmart....

I stole these images from http://www.f-t.com.au/blog/   >.< 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Classics From Acne Jeans

Acne Jeans is a wonderful Swedish clothing brand that continues to produce both causal and classy designs. I love the way they use whites, blacks, with little bits of color. As usual their main collection is made up of minimally designed basics. Everything has a sort of "thrown on" appearance to it, as if the models just woke up and threw together an outfit, somehow looking perfect. I like the necklace in the second piece, and the Birkenstock like shoes throughout.

Here are some pictures from the Fall 10 Pop collection, it has a similar sort of effortlessness but on more casual clothes. It seems to me that they are pulling from American 60's street fashion, and from an ordinary college aged perspective. It all seems very hipster :P but a bit more refined haha.

Candy by Karim Sadli

Maybe this doesn't count as menswear, but I just thought this shoot was really lovely.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hi! I just realized that I never introduced myself. My names Kenta and I'm a sixteen year old interested in photography and fashion. This blog was originally supposed to be pretty general, but I think it's going to mainly be a men's fashion blog (unless there is something that is just too urgent to go unsaid), simply because there are less of them and would therefore be more interesting!
To be honest I am pretty new to fashion, or at least in a serious way, so bear with me. I'll try to post interesting things that are generally fresh or lesser known....
Also, I wont be posting as much the first month, or at least not as cool stuff, because I have AP tests at the beginning of May and now is crunch time haha.

Random picture of me from my trip to Paris last month!

Eerie designs from Katie Eary

I learned about Katie Eary through Eleanor Hardwick's pictures about a year and a half ago. She is a menswear Royal College of the Arts graduate based in London that has quickly risen through the ranks of fashion. Her designs are haunting and often macabre; generally a military motif with a Gothic flare. She uses deconstructed garments, psychedelic prints, synthetic textiles, neon colors, and androgynous designs. You can visit her website here and her newly launched estore here!
Here's some pictures from her F/W 10 collection:

Here are some pictures from her S/S 10 collection:

AHH SHE'S SO INSPIRING! haha makes me want to go to London. Anyways, I just love the blue spotted pants, the studded jacket, and all the metallic head and chest pieces. So far I know some of the tees from this collection are available on her estore.