Monday, April 5, 2010


Hi! I just realized that I never introduced myself. My names Kenta and I'm a sixteen year old interested in photography and fashion. This blog was originally supposed to be pretty general, but I think it's going to mainly be a men's fashion blog (unless there is something that is just too urgent to go unsaid), simply because there are less of them and would therefore be more interesting!
To be honest I am pretty new to fashion, or at least in a serious way, so bear with me. I'll try to post interesting things that are generally fresh or lesser known....
Also, I wont be posting as much the first month, or at least not as cool stuff, because I have AP tests at the beginning of May and now is crunch time haha.

Random picture of me from my trip to Paris last month!


  1. i'm so glad your focus will be men's fashion! i actually haven't seen any men's ones, but i feel the blog community needs more of it. it's just too girly right now. :P and i like how simple and down to earth guy fashion is. anyway, best of luck buddy! :)

    erin :)

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