Monday, April 5, 2010

Eerie designs from Katie Eary

I learned about Katie Eary through Eleanor Hardwick's pictures about a year and a half ago. She is a menswear Royal College of the Arts graduate based in London that has quickly risen through the ranks of fashion. Her designs are haunting and often macabre; generally a military motif with a Gothic flare. She uses deconstructed garments, psychedelic prints, synthetic textiles, neon colors, and androgynous designs. You can visit her website here and her newly launched estore here!
Here's some pictures from her F/W 10 collection:

Here are some pictures from her S/S 10 collection:

AHH SHE'S SO INSPIRING! haha makes me want to go to London. Anyways, I just love the blue spotted pants, the studded jacket, and all the metallic head and chest pieces. So far I know some of the tees from this collection are available on her estore.

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  1. nice pun! ;)

    she definitely has an innovative style. my fav outfit is the 4th one. :) thanks for sharing kenterrs!